We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Authorized Importers and Dealers of Measuring Instrumentation Products since 1996.

We have upgraded our company to the latest ISO Standard ISO 9001:2015

A wide range of instrumentation products-both finished instruments as well as Sensors/ Transmitters for every conceivable operation can be offered.

Our valued clientele include the industry majors from Govt. Sectors, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Food, Automobile, Machine Building, R & D Centers, Process automation Sectors, etc.



Sincere & strenuous efforts are always underway to raise upto the expectations of the customer in terms of attractive pricing of the products, extremely good cost Vs performance ratios of the products offered, timely delivery and exceptional quality of both the products offered as well as services rendered.



  • Water Related instrument like pH, TDS, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP , Turbidity Meter and Transmitters
  • Temperature, Dew Point Temperature, Relative Humidity & Absolute Humidity Monitoring Instruments including Hand Held Instruments, Panel Mounted Instrument.
  • PID Controllers with or without communication port
  • Indoor Air Quality measuring instrument to measure CO and CO2
  • Master Calibrating Instruments
  • Moisture Meters
  • Refractometers – Both Digital and Optical type
  • Pressure / Vacuum Switches
  • Pressure / Vacuum  Transmitters
  • Air Velocity Meters (Anemometers) and Transmitters
  • Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Light Intensity Measuring Instruments and Transmitters
  • Speed and RPM Measuring Instruments including Tachometers and Stroboscopes
  • Electrical Instruments like Multimeters, Clamp-on Meters, Power Meters etc.,
  • General Shop Floor instruments like Vibration Meters, Force Gauges, Coating Thickness Meter, Torque Meter, etc