Window Tint Meter EQ-WTM-1100




This Window Tint Meter is a hand held device that measure the amount of light that passes through a window. It measures the total amount of Visual Light Transmission ( henceforth referred to as VLT) through a  window &  any coatings (tint film) on that window. The device was designed to measure the total VLT of a window after it has been treated with aftermarket window film.

The device slides over a partially rolled down window, does its calculations, and in seconds displays the readings on a LCD. Because it has its own internal light source, the meter will work day or.

Specifications :

  • Display : 10mm LCD
  • Resolution : 0.1
  • Accuracy : ≤2%
  • Wave length : 550 Nanometers
  • Measurement Range : 0 ~ 100% Light Transmission
  • Interface : RS-232

Model : EQ-WTM-1100