Temperature, Relative Humidity & Dew Point Transmitters HD 4817TC



HD48.. Series of Transmitters Measure Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point and provide depending on the version a Current (4…20mA) or a Voltage (0…10V) linear analog outputs signal for transmission to a remote display, recorder, controller or data processing unit. The HD48…series of transmitters are designed for conditioning and ventilation applications (HVAC/BEMS) in the following sectors: pharmacy, museums, clean rooms, ventilation ducts, crowded places, canteens, auditoria, gyms or high-density farms, as well as industrial and civil sectors.The HD48… transmitters measure relative humidity with a well proven capacitive sensor and temperature with a precision NTC sensor; the sensors in combination with an accurate electronics guarantee precise and reliable measurements in the course of time. A stainless steel 20μm filter protect the sensors against dust particles and high air velocity (other filters are available for different applications).
The transmitters are factory calibrated and no further adjustments are required. All series are available in three different versions: with orizontal probe (HD48…TO…) for duct mounting, with vertical probe (HD48…TV…) for wall mounting and with remote probe (HD48…TC…) having the probe connected to the electronics by means of a cable (2, 5, or 10 meters long). The probes can be supplied in two lengths (135mm or 335mm). Optionally, 4-digit LCD display is available. It allows to visualize a selected quantity among those detected by the instrument (°C, °F, %RH or DP).
Many different accessories are available for the installation: for example to fix the probe to the duct, you can use, the HD9008.31 flange, a 3/8” universal biconical connection or a PG16 metal cable gland (ø10…14mm).

Model : HD 4817TC