Temperature / Humidity Transmitters HD9007 / HD 9008



The HD 9008TR and HD 9008TR are single block RH and Temperature microprocessor transmitters, temperature configurable. The HD 9008TR is a passive transmitter with a 4….20mA output and 7….30Vdc power supply; the HD9009TR is a transmitter with a 0….1V standard voltage output (other outputs available on demand) and 7….30Vdc power supply. Sensors are mounted at the end of a plastic tube: a capacitive humidity sensor and a Platinum temperature sensor (100W @ 0ºC).

The instrument can be reprogrammed by means of a key, and no jumper or potentiometer actions are required. The humidity input can be re-calibrated by using two saturated solutions: the first one at 75%, the second one at 33%; the 0%RH…100%RH relative humidity range is fixed, 4mA (or 0Vdc)correspond to 0%RH, 20mA (or 1Vdc) equal 100%RH.

Model : HD9007 / HD9008