TDS Meter EQ – TDS – 230



TDS Meter

EQ -TDS – 230 is a panel instrument for on-line monitoring of industrial process consistence monitor. Range switch over and constant check can both be freely set and adjusted through the operation component on the rear panel; unique signal collecting and processing technology and special thick film circuit are adopted to make measurement accurate and operation stable; there are also other features such as linearized data, automatic temperature compensation, not subject to the length change of cable and maintenance-free. It’s an ideal auxiliary instrument of various types of small pure water equipment.

Specifications :

Measurement Range : (0~20) ppm  (0~200) ppm  (0~2000)ppm
Accuracy : 1.5% (FS)
Display    : 3.5-bit LCD
Output    : (4-20mA) output
Stability   : ± 2 × 10-3 (FS) / 24h

EQ – TDS – 230