Solar Powerd Wireless Wifi Weather Station EQ-WS-1001-WIFI


Solar Powerd Wireless Wifi Weather Station

Product Description :

•  Equinox weather station, combines reliability, easy installation and dual wireless technology. It is             accurate, precise, and  affordably priced.

•  It transmits 915 MHz from the outdoor sensor array and indoor temperature sensor to the display            console. Although Internet connectivity is not required, the display console sends and receives internet    data using WiFi connectivity.

•  It transmits outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV and solar                     radiation from the all-in-one sensor it also transmits indoor temperature, humidity and barometric             pressure from the indoor temperature.

•  Which can be exported to SD Card for advanced data analysis in Excel, and detailed time graphs for        spotting weather trends.

•  The full color TFT LCD full color display is easy to read, day or night. The attractively thin desktop            display is also wall mountable and includes an AC adaptor, and features automatically controlled              brightness settings based on time of day Includes an AC adaptor.

Model : EQ-WS-1001-WIFI