pH / ORP Controller- EQ – pH/ORP-5520


pH / ORP Transmitter / Controller

EQ – pH / ORP-5520 series is an online pH and ORP Controller , with plug-in pH / ORP-1220 sensor, which has good measurement accuracy, anti-interference, easy to install and operational features.

Features :

•  White backlight LCD screen, several operations, easy for operation Ø  Compatible with six kinds of          buffer solutions suitable for international standards.

•  Selectable temperature sensor which reduce the replacement cost;

•  Manual calibration is easy for on-site calibration.

•  EMC enhancement type could run smoothly under various kinds of industry environment.

• (4~20)mA output supports instrument/transmitter modes and satisfies all 4~20mA receiving units.

•  Double relay high/low and delay control function could fulfill pH or ORP interval control and                       adjustment.

EQ – pH / ORP-5520