pH/mV Transmitter-DO9403T-R1


pH / mV  Transmitter

The DO 9403T-R1 pH transmitter converts the output of a pH electrode, with temperature compensation, into a signal at 4 ÷ 20 mA. The pH or Redox electrode input circuit is galvanically insulated against the 4 ÷ 20mA output signal. An LCD indicator allows viewing of the process signal value and of the various parameters. The instrument works in conjunction with a pH or Redox electrode and a temperature probe.

pH : -1.00pH….15.00 pH (-500…+ 500 mV)

ORP : -1999…+ 1999 mV

Input impedance : > 10T ohm

Cable length : < 50 metres screened

Accuracy  :  0.1% of reading ± 1 digit ± 0.01% of pH per 0C
of temperature drift (excluding Electrode)

Model : DO 9403T-R1