Online CO2 & Temperature Transmitter MODEL : HD37BT..



The HD37BT… and HD37VBT… series transmitters are mainly employed in air quality control through CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) measurement in ventilation systems. This allows changing the air change rate per hour according to ASHRAE and IME norms. The purpose is dual: a good air quality in trafficked spaces and saving energy by increasing or decreasing the air change rate, according to the request. They are used in crowded spaces, in discontinuously Crowded Areas, Kitchens, Auditoria, Schools, Hospitals, Greenhouses, Livestock Holdings, etc.
The HD377BT… and HD37V7BT… models measure, in addition to CO2, also the Temperature. The analog outputs, current 4…20mA or voltage 0…10Vdc, should be specified when making the order. All transmitters have an alarm digital output suitable to control, for example, an external relay coil. The alarm switches when the factory preset threshold of 1500ppm is exceeded. This limit that causes discomfort to human beings when exceeded. The sensitive element is a particular infrared sensor (NDIR technology: Non-Dispersive Infrared Technology) that, by using a double filter and a particular measurement technique, compensates its aging effect guaranteeing accurate and stable measurements over a long time.

Model : HD37BT..