Micro Controller

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Input                       :    4~20mA inputs 2 channels for RH and Temperature
Set Point                :    individual control set points for RH and Temperature
Hysterisis              :    Set able from 0~50.0 for both set points
Resolution             :    Set able by changing the “d-Pt” parameter
Range                    :    Set able individually from 0000 to 4000 counts
Control Action       :    Set able for Heating / Cooling logic.
Set Point Limit      :    Set able from 0000 to Range individually
Memory                 :     EEPROM memory with 100 years memory retention
Supply                   :     230V AC, 10%, 50Hz.
Cutout Size           :     92mm(W) 92mm(H)
Overall Size           :     96mm(W) 96mm(H) 115mm(D)