Four Channel Vibration Analyzer Model : HD 2030



Four Channel Vibration Analyzer

Specifications :

Measurement Modes :

Hand-transmitted Vibrations

Whole-body Vibrations

Building Vibrations

Measurement Parameters : RMS, VDV, MTVV, Peak, Max, Min

·Frequency Weightings : Fz, Fc, Wh for Hand-transmitted Vibrations

Fz, Fa, Wb, Wc, Wd, We, Wj, Wk for whole body vibrations

Fz, Fm, Wm for building vibrations

Statistic Analysis : The selected measurement parameter is analyzed in 1dB classes. Both the                                                probability and the percentile graphs can be shown.

Measurement Range : 0.1m/s² ÷ 7000 m/s² with Dytran accelerometer 3023A2 for hand-arm                                                        measurements

Linearity Range : Three ranges of 80dB overlapped by 70dB

Digital Converter : Four analog to digital converters with a resolution of 25 bits at 8k samples per                                             second

Inherent noise Level : Less than 30mm/s² with Dytran accelerometer 3023A2 for hand-arm                                                           measurements and Wh filter

Display : Graphic Backlit Display 128 x 64 pixels

Model : HD 2030