Electronic Wood Moisture Meter HT 65




Designed for fast measurement of timber (up to 180 mm thick), particleboard and veneer. Ideal both for single and series measurements before, during and after processing wood. Measuring Range : 4 to 60 % m.c., with correction facility for your groups of wood and automatic temperature compensation, display by digital LCD readout

Principal Features and Technical Data :
• Handy quick moisture meter for fast single and series measurements.
Size : L 140 mm × W 90 mm × H 42/50 mm. Weight : 220 g without accessory.
• Direct reading by digital LCD, Resolution : 0.1 % m.c.
• Wood species selector for automatic correction of readings, for over 300 species of wood.
• Automatic compensation of influence of wood temperature between –10 and +40°C.
• Fully automatic instrument setting – no manual adjustment necessary.
• Power Supply by 9V dry cell or, optionally, Ni-Cd accumulator.

Model : HT 65